Rating Bar in Android using kotlin:

Rating Bar:–
Rating bar is used to take the rating for your resources as well as for your product, so that other customers can see about rating for your earlier services.Many sites provide these kinds of rating bar for example: google,e commerce etc.
By default it comes with stars but you can change its style according to your need.
Steps to create a rating bar for your application in android using kotlin.

Step 1. Add a Rating bar in your layout (XML file).
Step 2. Set all the constraints for bar according to your need.

In this you use two words which are most important part of this bar which is progress int(It can be use for display filled fields of rating bar) and another is Secondary progress int(It can be use for display empty field of rating bar).

Step 3. Add a TextView in layout which can be use for show the value of rating.
Step 4. Go to KT file and then apply a listener on rating bar like :
TextView (id).text.f1.tostring()


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