Learn MarkDown Language for the better Readme file

What you will lean?

  1. Introduction of MarkDown language
  2. How to install the plugin in Visual Studio Code
  3. Basics of MarkDown Language using Visual Studio Code
  4. How to read better Readme.md file for Github and other

What is the MarkDown language?

It is a simple lightweight language with plain text syntax. Often It can be used to create readme files, blog posts and etc.

How to install markdown plugin in Visual Code?

Picture of Video Code to Install the plugin
  1. Open Visual Code on your system
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+X from your window system to open extension panel
  3. Type the keyword for your desired extension in the search box and press enter
  4. Select your desired plugin from the filtered list
  5. After Selecting the plugin from the list you are able to see the detail of plugin on the right side
  6. Click on the Install button when the installation is done you are ready to use that plugin in Visual Code.

Video How to write markdown code and shot its preview in Visual Code

# Header1
## Header2
### Header 3
#### Header4
###### Header5
###### Header6

*This text* is italic
_This text_ is italic

**This text** is bold
__This text__ is bold

~~This text~~ is strike through

[Google](https://google.com “This is Link Hint”)

1. One
1. Two
1. Three
1. Four
1. One
1. Two
1. Three
1. Four
1. Five
1. Six

* One
* Two
* Three
* Five
* Six
* Mango
* Orange
* Plum
* Grapes


I am Paragrah


* [x] Task One
* [x] Task Two
* [ ] Task Three
* [ ] Task Four



fun addTwoNumber(firstNumber:Int,twoNumber:Int):Int
return firstNumber+twoNumber

npam install json-server


| Name | Email |
|———|—— |
| test | test@gmail.com|
|first|first@gmail.com |

The output of About Code: Link

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